Two things

People who don’t have children (or who don’t have them yet) will sometimes ask me what parenting is like. I say two things, usually. One, you will work harder and become more tired than you have ever been. I think the saying that “parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever love” is probably the best description I’ve heard. Second, I tell them that my kids make me laugh more than I have ever laughed in all of my life. I don’t remember too many times before I had children where I experienced pure, unbridled joy. You know, the laugh-till-you-feel-like-you-might-throw-up kind of joy. Those quirky little things that they say or do that simply take you by surprise- that’s the good stuff.

So I leave you with just two of the hundreds of those moments we’ve had this week.

Here’s Avery. Dressed for school and ready to go.

Ready for school

I like to give her the freedom to choose her own clothes whenever it’s possible. I feel strongly about giving kids autonomy and letting them grow into themselves. She often goes to school wearing mismatched things and doesn’t like to brush her hair very often and I am mostly okay with that, but I took one look at this outfit and burst out laughing. Keep in mind that it is currently 80 degrees and she’s wearing at least three layers. She did not think it was funny. She dissolved into tears, infuriated that I was not supportive of her most favorite outfit EVER. And then I had to work really, really hard to stop laughing.

And then there’s this. And I just ask you, how in the world does someone sleep like this?

photo 2-2


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