My Perfect Moment


It’s a strange feeling, the feeling you get when you know that at this very moment, you’re living your memories. It feels all at once like a flash that’s gone before you can grab it and an ethereal, eternal experience that you’ll remember until your dying day.

I sit here in my perfect moment, wishing I could capture it like a butterfly in a jar. The sunlight dances in and out through the canopy of trees as a slight breeze rustles the leaves. I watch my girl flying through the air as she brushes her legs back and forth to swing higher and higher. The look of pure joy on her face tells me that she really believes that she can touch the sky. She’s chattering away about princesses, or something. I hear her sweet voice and I watch her face, but I’m not listening to what she says because all I can think about is that this is my perfect moment.

She wears a plastic crown with Cinderella’s likeness, but she has yet to brush her hair today. She wears a purple dress adorned with each of the princesses and takes turns impersonating each of them. She’s unaware of the remnants of chocolate still lingering on her face. It’s the smile that captures me- pure, whole, lovely.

And I sit with my boy as we watch her swing. He’s quiet, content. He’ll sit for hours like this as long as mommy is with him. His eyes watch her every move, and I hold him close because this is everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

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