Everett, Your Name Tells a Story

When we named you, Everett, it wasn’t by chance. We didn’t thumb through a baby name book and land on it by accident. We didn’t hear it on the playground and decide it sounded alright. Your name tells a story of who your parents are, who your family is, and perhaps who you will one day become.

You see, when we found out we would have a baby boy, there was only one choice. Everett. It isn’t simply a name. It’s a place- one that represents something special. Your great grandpa was born in a suburb of Boston named Everett. It’s a small working-class neighborhood that in itself isn’t anything remarkable. But, it’s remarkable to me because it represents a piece of our family’s history.

Your great grandpa was a quiet, unassuming man. He was never the loudest voice in the room or the life of the party. He never sought the spotlight or craved recognition. He was content, peaceful, humble. He was someone that perhaps you might overlook in a crowd until you took the time to notice him, and then you’d realize that talking to him was like unearthing a rare gem.

He was kind and patient, loving and gentle. Those qualities are difficult to find in a man, but they’re the most important. Everett also represents something else to me- the value of hard work. You see, Grandpa’s family emigrated from Italy and settled in that small Boston suburb. They weren’t wealthy. Grandpa worked hard. He went to college, flew airplanes in the Air Force, worked at the Space station and continued to work in some capacity until the last months of his life.

All of those things are the reason I wanted you to be his namesake. It was those same qualities that I recognized in your dad when I met him and why I fell in love with him. I hope that the legacy continues in you- that you love well, give wholeheartedly, work hard and value what’s truly important in this life.

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