10 rules for Parenting LITE

The boy who wore no underwear

We are coming up on several weeks where Michael will be traveling a lot for work. He likes to travel, but he struggles with it when he is leaving me home with the kids by myself because he doesn’t want things to be harder for me. And also perhaps because I am a big, fat… Read More

The second week of school is harder than the first

First day of first grade

Well, my girl started school last week, and she did great! She was excited to start the first grade, and I was so happy that the transition went so smoothly. I shouldn’t have been so quick to make that assessment, I guess, because for Avery it seems that the second week is harder than the… Read More

Writers gotta write

I’ve had a few people unsubscribe to this blog since my last post. And I’ve had a couple people ask how they will see my writing if I’ve given up on Facebook. I think perhaps they’ve assumed that since I am not participating on Facebook that it means the end of the blog. Quite the… Read More

Goodbye, Facebook. It’s been (un)real.

I have been fighting it for longer than I care to admit, but it’s well past time for me to say goodbye to Facebook. Six years ago, I caved after a noble fight to stay away from it because I wanted to share photos of my new baby, and that’s mostly what I’ve used it… Read More

Growing a girl with grit


I watched as those tiny legs pedaled as fast as they could go. The handlebars twisted and turned, unsteady as she fought to stay upright. I yelled words of encouragement, but cringed on the inside, worrying that she was going to fall. The oversized melon-shaped helmet perched on top of her head made her petite… Read More

A letter to my kindergartener

Dear Avery, There are so many things on my heart for you today, yet you’re too little now to understand all of them. Maybe if I write them down I can look back one day and see how far we’ve come, you and me. I volunteered in your kindergarten classroom today, and it has opened… Read More

Okay, I take it back

You guys, I feel so humbled. I didn’t write that post to be a humble brag. I didn’t write it so that people would beg me not to stop writing. I wrote it because I was disgusted with myself and all of the ways I’ve thought about promoting myself and reaching the next level and… Read More

I give up

I decided the other day to stop writing. Blog- done. Book- forget it. Just done. I made this decision because the deeper I get into the blog world and the publishing world, the ickier it makes me feel. And I couldn’t quite decipher what has made me feel so icky about the whole thing. Of… Read More

What do we do when we feel guilty?


Today is a day that I have been looking forward to for quite some time, but I feel ashamed to admit that to you. For the first time, I have two children attending school (one in kindergarten and one starting preschool), and I have the house to myself. I have time to do some of… Read More