What do we do when we feel guilty?


Today is a day that I have been looking forward to for quite some time, but I feel ashamed to admit that to you. For the first time, I have two children attending school (one in kindergarten and one starting preschool), and I have the house to myself. I have time to do some of… Read More

For Lulu


Today marks a big day in the life of our family. It’s the very last day that my dear sister will be in my house watching Everett for me while I work. On Monday morning, my big 2-year-old will embark on a new journey at preschool. I know that a lot of mothers feel a… Read More

For my little man on his second birthday


Dear Everett, It’s your second birthday today!   I can hardly believe it. You’ve grown and changed so much this year that it seems difficult to connect the baby I remember with the boy I see now. You are full of so much joy. You love sharks and fish and dolphins and anything else that… Read More