Forget balance. Try resilience.

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Balance. Let me just tell you, I hate that word. It’s perhaps the most common phrase we use when we talk about the daily struggles of parenthood. We wonder how other parents seem to balance it all. We strive for a healthy work/life balance. We attempt to balance our own desires and needs with the… Read More

Surviving separation anxiety

Separation anxiety

I’ve come to believe that separation anxiety is the straw that breaks the backs of many moms. We can carry our heavy loads through many child-rearing deserts, but we Mom-camels collapse under the pressure of children suffering from separation anxiety. Our children cry as we leave them, and we cry our guilty little hearts out… Read More

What I’ll remember about my boy

Big thanks to my sister for taking these pictures every month so I can remember these days.

I took Everett to our pediatrician’s office today for a little rash he’s had on his face. Not a big deal, but I wanted to have it looked at before Michael and I headed out on our very first vacation since Everett was born. A little paranoia? Maybe, but I prefer to call it attentiveness… Read More

It’s not the food. It’s the love.

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So, you know how I’ve said before that making lunches is my Enemy #1? I have hated it almost every day for three years. Well, guess what? I don’t hate it anymore. Not even a little. Crazy, right? I told you about some of the practical things that made lunch-making easier for me: the Bento… Read More