My one moment of practical parenting genius

Silly selfies1

If you’ve been reading my blog for even a hot second, you know that I never, ever share any practical parenting advice. I talk about parenting, yes. What it feels like and what I hope for and what I dream about. You know, those highly impractical things. I don’t offer parenting hack-type things, because I don’t have ‘em, people. I am always… Read More

Policemen are human beings, too

I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot the last few weeks about the troubles in Ferguson, Missouri. I’ve tried to stay away from it, to disconnect because to write about it would be to feel it, all of it- the pain, the anger the frustration, the confusion. But today, I can’t hide from it anymore…. Read More

For my son on his first birthday


 Everett, I can’t believe a whole year has passed since we saw your sweet face for the very first time. I remember the very moment you were born. The doctor placed you on my chest and a flood of emotion washed over me like a tsunami. It was love and pain and relief and fear… Read More

Finding the real you

Wounds that define you

When I wrote about why you should tell your story, it prompted some conversation in my real life. You know, not this weird online third dimension that often isn’t a good representation of our actual selves but the real thing where I actually do life. In my real life, several of my friends are saying… Read More