A Letter to My Best Girl on Her 4th Birthday

Well, my dear, you’re turning four today, and I can’t believe how much you’ve changed this year. I look back at photographs from a year ago, and it seems like you were just a baby then. Now you’re a little girl. Even as I write those words I can hear your matter-of-fact little voice in… Read More

To Know and Be Known

I have started to think that there is really one driving force in each of our lives, that there is one thing that we need, but we all express that need in different ways. We need to be known. We need to be known in a true, deep, meaningful way. Most of us never fulfill… Read More

Seeking Beauty From the Ashes

Today I sit, trying to quiet my soul as the world crashes in like ocean waves onto pristine white sand. Just as the sea begins to look peaceful and calm again, another wave rises deep from within the belly of the ocean with a fierce vengeance. Sometimes, life has a funny way of reminding you… Read More